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P2P Crypto Trading
Zero Slippage.
Zero Taxes.

Trade low-liquidity tokens without all the BS.
With our Telegram bot and web app, enter and exitlowcaps with ease.

Total Volume

Trading Made Easy

We simplify the technical complexities, allowing you to focus on trading.

Zero Taxes

Trade with zero buy and sell taxes via PintSwap. Trading shouldn't involve any hidden fees, so we created a way to avoid them.

How It Works

Think of us like a combination of Uniswap and Unibot, but better.

Public and OTC Features

Peer-to-Peer Technology

We have an orderbook like other exchanges, without the centralization.

Our orderbook is made up of many individual orderbooks empowering users to decide if they want everyone to see their trade or if they just want to create an OTC offer to be shared with someone.

Automatic Matching

Seamless Trading Experience

We find the best trade possible, even if it's not on our orderbook.

With our trading engine, we'll quickly match your offer with another user. If that isn't available, the engine routes trades through exchange aggregator, so users still quickly execute trades at the best price and are not limited to PintSwap's orderbook.

Join the Community

Be a part of the protocol, see new OTC offers, and get updates before the public knows.

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